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Aug Lab

Pioneering AI-Driven Mixed Reality in Laboratories

Welcome to Aug Lab, where Artificial Intelligence meets Mixed Reality to redefine laboratory research.

Our AI-first approach ensures smarter, more efficient, and highly accurate lab environments, harnessing the power of advanced computing to elevate scientific exploration.

AI at the Core

At the center of Aug Lab’s platform is a powerful AI engine. This engine enhances every aspect of the laboratory experience, from intelligent data analysis and predictive modeling to real-time decision-making and automated workflow optimization. Experience the synergy of AI and MR in a lab setting like never before.

Our Origin

Emerging from Incubation to Acceleration

Born in 2019 within the nurturing environment of the HoloPractice incubator, Aug Lab represents a commitment to pioneering the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mixed Reality (MR) in laboratory research.

Our journey has been marked by careful development and strategic periods of stealth incubation, with a significant milestone in November 2021 when we first emerged to share our vision.

After a brief return to incubation in January 2022 for further refinement, we are now transitioning into a phase of acceleration, backed by our partnership with Microsoft Startups and our participation in the Microsoft Accelerator program.

This pivotal moment in Silicon Valley signals our readiness to introduce our groundbreaking AI and MR technologies to the world.

Our Mission

Enhancing Laboratory Research with AI and MR

Aug Lab is devoted to transforming laboratory research by embedding Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality at its core.

Our mission is to facilitate smarter, more efficient, and highly accurate lab environments, leveraging the full potential of advanced computing and immersive technologies to elevate scientific discovery and exploration.

Through the convergence of AI and MR, we aim to revolutionize the laboratory experience, making cutting-edge research more accessible and impactful than ever before.

Impact and Vision

Charting a New Path for Scientific Research

As we step out of incubation and into acceleration, Aug Lab is poised to make a profound impact across various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, academia, and government research.

Our AI-driven MR platform promises to bring about enhanced precision, efficiency, and insights, heralding a new era of scientific innovation and exploration.

Our vision is to not only change how laboratory research is conducted but to also accelerate the pace of scientific breakthroughs, contributing significantly to the global body of knowledge and human welfare.

Join Our Journey

A Call to Innovate Together

We extend an open invitation to researchers, innovators, and visionaries who are poised to embrace the next wave of laboratory innovation.

As Aug Lab transitions from incubation to acceleration, we offer a unique opportunity to explore and contribute to the future of scientific discovery.

Join us in this exciting phase of our journey, as we leverage the synergistic power of AI and MR to unlock new possibilities in laboratory research and beyond.

Our Technology

Innovative Pillars of AI and MR Integration

Our approach is anchored in a powerful AI engine that revolutionizes every aspect of laboratory operations, from data analysis to predictive maintenance and workflow optimization.

Our foundational pillars—Perceptional Alignment, Time Immersion, and Human-Centered Technology Transfer (HCTT)—demonstrate our focus on precision, experiential learning, and immersive technology transfer:

Perceptional Alignment

Perceptual Alignment

Perceptional Alignment introduces automated guidance for laboratory procedures, reducing errors and enhancing safety and efficiency.

Time Immersion

Time Immersion

Time Immersion uses VR and AR to encapsulate and share the expertise of seasoned researchers, offering an unprecedented immersive learning and operational experience.

Human-Centered Technology Transfer (HCTT)

Human Center Technology Transfer

Human-Centered Technology Transfer (HCTT) represents a paradigm shift from traditional protocol-driven methods to a more engaging, interactive, and digital experience-sharing approach, facilitating rapid mastery of complex laboratory processes.


Ippolito Imani Caradonna

Ippolito Imani Caradonna

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

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Innovator, Molecular Biologist. Ippolito’s technical expertise with molecular tools and liquid handling automation is matched by a strong sense of community and compassion.

For over a decade, he’s been committed to process improvement and executing world class level research in both Academia and Industry. His publications and their citations raise the bar in the field of Genomics and High Throughput Screening.

Ippolito is creative and always thinking outside of the box to tackle the most complex and time consuming efforts. His focus is on high throughput screening, genome manipulation and next generation sequencing.

Christopher Lafayette

Christopher Lafayette

Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer
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Christopher Lafayette, an influential emergent technologist, speaker, and humanitarian from Silicon Valley, is making remarkable strides in the metaverse, AI, medtech, and Web 2.5 sectors. He established Gatherverse to merge technology and human experience, ensuring every digital innovation reflects and caters to the aspirations of its users.

Lafayette leads the BTMP and C-TAP programs, fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of their background, can contribute to technological advancement. He also founded HoloPractice, merging healthcare and technology. With advisory roles in organizations like Google, Meta, the European Commission, and multiple universities, Lafayette consistently advocates for the integration of humanity in technological progress.

Diane Tucker

Diane Tucker

Chief Operating Officer
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Diane Tucker is an exceptional leader with a proven track record of success in managing complex business ventures and driving innovation across various industries. With over 15 years of senior executive management experience, she has demonstrated unparalleled expertise in designing, launching, and scaling businesses.

Diane’s unwavering determination, creative problem-solving skills, and visionary leadership have not only led her to become the CEO of three corporations and the COO of four corporations spanning entertainment, regenerative agriculture, renewable energy, and technology, but also the founder of a global nonprofit. Her ability to leverage her technical background, creative talents, and extensive network allows her to drive success in both for-profit and philanthropic ventures.

Our Advisors

Dr. Thomas A. Furness III

Tom Furness

Muhsinah Morris

Muhsinah Morris

Gary Lafayette

Gary Lafayette

Eric Harness

Eric Harness

Revolutionary Features

Harnessing AI for Superior Laboratory Precision

AI-Enhanced Data Analysis

Dive into deep data insights with AI that interprets complex patterns and trends.

Intelligent Workflow Automation

Aug Lab’s AI algorithms streamline lab processes, reducing manual effort and increasing accuracy.

Predictive Maintenance & Calibration

Stay ahead with AI-driven predictions for equipment maintenance and calibration, ensuring uninterrupted lab operations.

Smart Training Modules

AI-powered modules provide personalized training experiences, adapting to individual learning curves.

Aug Lab

Applications and Impact

Applications and Impact

Discover how Aug Lab’s AI-driven MR platform is making waves across sectors: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, academia, and government research.

Each sector benefits from enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and data-driven insights, leading to groundbreaking discoveries and innovations.

The AI Difference

Learn about the transformative power of Aug Lab’s AI. From reducing experimental variability to offering unparalleled precision in data analysis, our AI-first approach is not just a feature—it’s a fundamental shift in how laboratory research is conducted.

Embrace the Next Wave of Lab Innovation

Embrace the Next Wave of Lab Innovation

Are you poised to lead in the evolving landscape of laboratory research? Aug Lab extends an exclusive invitation to join a transformative movement where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mixed Reality (MR) synergize to elevate lab experiences beyond the ordinary.

Discover how our AI-centric platform is not just enhancing research methodologies but revolutionizing them. Reach out to explore the full capabilities of Aug Lab and let’s pioneer the future of scientific discovery together.

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Pioneering AI-Driven Mixed Reality in Laboratories